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Exposed Concrete cement Rcc finish facade texture in hyderabad Telangana

Exposed Concrete Cement Rcc Finish Facade Wall texture in Hyderabad

Concrete Finish is made of Cement, earthen material, quartz,special polymers,pigments, additives and binders to create eternal beauty, aesthetic effect.

Exposed Concrete finish facade has 100% natural look of cement from grey to white with thickness of with 2-3 mm.

.Concrete Finish is a trowel applied finish for walls, floor and ceilings. It requires 2 to 3 coats for better result depending on actual base of surface. The reliable and 100% natural look of Expose Concrete Finish

It has excellent adhesion over a wide variety of porous surfaces, including concrete, and all types of masonry surfaces. It can be used to produce a high-end and contemporary creative cement wall surface in areas such as public spaces, retail stores, commercial businesses, shops, vestibules,hotels and residential applications.

Our pigment wash further improves the aesthetics by imparting multi tone effect. It is ideal for internal, external or wet areas.