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Lime wash Paint

Lime wash paint has a natural, calm and slight grainy touch fell with matte finish in a beautiful range of colors for both Interior and exteriors. It is made from Lime a naturally available wall finish in India.

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Concrete Wall Texture

Concrete finish wall textures are a new revolutionary with chosen options for architectural finish with a size of 2-3mm.Exposed concrete wall textures embrace their inherent imperfections, leaving behind a tactile record of their construction.

 pealescent texture wall plaster design-10zile

Pearlescent Texture

Pearlescent is a shiny finish for architectural walls with a size of 1-3mm

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Venetian Plaster

Venetian Wall Plaster is a revolutionary chosen options for architectural wall texture with a size of 1-3mm

brick veneer

Brick Texture

Brick wall texture created by applying brick colored acrylic material with the thickness of 2mm to 3mm , applied on various surfaces like cement,steel and wood .

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Stone Finish Wall Texture

Stone finish texture is made of stone granules of various colors and sizes mixed with a bonding polymer applied using a spray gun.

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Granite Finish Wall Texture

Granite Finish Flakes duplicates the look and feel of natural granite. It offers easy application, unlike real Granite and can be used in nooks, corners and contours. It creates eternal beauty, aesthetic value without effecting the weight of structure.

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lime wash texture paint in-india surya wall texture-hyderabad

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Products with low environmental impact, healthy and eco-sustainable

Low V.O.C

Low VOCs to avoid irritation of eyes, nose and throat, and difficulty in breathing.

Anti Fungal

Natural protection against fungus,bacteria, mould and mildew.


Surya Wall Texture and surfaces is a group of young,creative, experimental and passionate people- who have pretty much experience in producing decorative wall textures and wall finishes. We love in helping our interior design clients achieve artistic surfaces at ease on wall surface finishes like concrete finish facade, limewash texture, lime wash paint finish on their design ideas. Our work is cutting-edge,versatile keeping in mind about the latest home interior ideas and design trends that are set by the best interior decorators.