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Stone finish Wall texture

Stone Finish texture is a dry material stonechips and bonding agent applied with a spray gun

Dry stonechips is made from pure quartz, inorganic pigment and pure acrylic emulsions etc.

Bonding agent is made from Acrylic emulsion, broad spectrum fungicide, etc.

Thickness : 1 mm to 2 mm

Coats : 3 coats application consists of primer - stone texture - top finish coat

stone finish wall texture is a thin layer of manufactured acrylic emulsion based copolymer used as decorative facing material rather than structural support .

Conventional stone walls typically support the structural loads of the building, whereas stone finish textures are applied for decorative purpose

They are generally formed from thin stone slips, which may be as little as 1-2 mm thick.

stone finishs can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be applied to almost any surface.

A range of special stone slips are available for conditions such as corners, to continue the illusion that walls are constructed from full stones.

Application of stone finish

1)Wall to be textured is smoothed and a coat of primer is applied

2)stone wall texture is applied over the wall using tools and tapes

3)Top coat of gloss of matt finish is applied over the texture

This application is generally used both indoors and outdoors

stone texture is applied to concrete, steel and wooden surfaces as part of their architectural design.



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