Stone - Pebble Wall Plaster & Flooring
stonecrete-plaster-stone-wash-plaster-exposed-aggregate-plaster-grit-wash-plaster-in-hyderabad -surya wall texture

StoneCrete Plaster/Grit Wash Plaster

Stonecrete is a cementitious decorative material with stone chips for walls and Flooring. The walls are washed/exposed soon after the rendering the stone chips with various thickness for walls and floor.

pebblecrete-plaster-pebble-wash-plaster-pebble-dash-plaster-surya wall texture

PebbleCrete Plaster

Pebblecrete is cementious decorative finish in natural pebble stone chips for aesthetic designs . It gives rough and tough finished walls. Pebblecrete Plaster is the right choice for construction external walls.